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Founded in May 1989

Founded in May 1989 

Neo is founded by Ms. Eva Siu in Hong Kong, the realisation of a long held dream and they set sail on a journey of fashion, art of life style, with PASSION and COMMITMENT.


Neo Group acquires pastures in Baotou, Inner Mongolia a source of raw materials, fibre blends, and spinning technology giving Neo Group the opportunity to develop a ONE-STOP PRODUCTION model. 


1989 +

The first World Wide Web server and browser created in 1989 and opened for commercial use in 1991.


1992 onward

A period of great expansion across South and East China – new offices and teams in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Shanghai, Suzhou and Zhejiangan providing continued technical innovation and distinctive products, showcasing high quality craftsmanship that meet customers' needs.

1994 onward

E-commerce and online shopping grow with more security channel developed.

1996 onward

Seeking to better serve our ODM and OEM customers, Neo expands overseas putting a global perspective at Neo-Concept's heart. We establish our Amsterdam office, followed by more offices in New York, London, Italy and Spain.



The Asian Financial Crisis hit with impacts felt widely across the entire financial system. 

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Neo-Concept leads in high-grade raw materials with innovative technological development - launches semi-worsted yarns to meet the demands of cost-effective fibres.


The Recession causes tremendous decline in economic activities among many developed countries. Neo works faithfully with business partners, reinforcing shared strategic planning to address the crisis. 



In 90 minutes, the September 11th attacks in the US lead to immeasurable consequences in all industries.  However, home and lifestyle products manage to rate top of the charts in consumer preferences. 



The outbreak of SARS, highlights the importance of hygiene and the need to boost immunity through nutrition and an active lifestyle.

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The foundation ceremony is held for the construction of the Banfu, Zhongshan flagship site, marking a new chapter for Neo pursuing growth and planting seeds in China.


Adding freshness into Neo's renowned cashmere products, Cashair ® is launched, bringing the first ever feather-weight cashmere experience to the market.

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The Global Financial Crisis causes many companies to go bankrupt and unemployment rates around the world soar. Neo rises to the occasion and turns the crisis into an opportunity.

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2009 onward

Neo-Concept Group extends her presence to the retail market in China and various other countries, developing wholly owned brands: SIU and Les 100 Ciels. The philosophy ‘The Art of Life,’ where art is woven into all life, is at the heart of all new brand endeavours. 


Responding to the demands for green, natural fibres and technological fibres, Ply Naturally subsidiary is set up to supply innovative, distinctive, and environmentally friendly qualities to a worldwide market.

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2011 onward

Pushing  boundaries to explore and develop greener synthetic fibres, Parster ® , Cashplus ® and Softplus ® are launched, as well as introducing new blends with lower environmental impact. 


NC21@1018, Neo-Concept 21st Anniversary events and the year Neo's Flagship is completed!


2016 onward

Neo focuses on developing innovative post-consumer materials: recycled and repurposed in new ways. Allows Neo to demonstrate to the industry at large, how to achieve good environmental practices in terms of reducing chemical, energy consumption and textile waste. 


Neo marks a new manufacturing era in establishing the first offshore manufacturing centre in Cambodia. 


2017 onward

Rapid expansion into digital design-to-knit program, increasing potential for ‘1st time right’ manufacturing, and reduces development lead -time for materials and wastage, and offers synchronised production data. 


2018 - present

Neo-Concept core focus is sustainable development in the industry. Joins Textile Exchange with opportunities to connect with Industry pioneers and contribute sustainability efforts in textile and apparel. 


Reinvents superfine merino wool to further explore the weightlessness experience. New material Spacewool ® launches, giving a pleasant second-skin appearance: soft, breathable and comfy touch.



The Covid-19 Pandemic brings a reminder of the need to equip societies with good health protection fibres.  HerbA ™ is launched as the star product in our natural protection series.


Neo co-creates opportunities with market-leading strategic partners, leveraging resources and strengths of partnerships to sustain a new era. The focus is on driving development through creative strategy, innovation and professionalism. 

Alliance cooperation: Lanvin Group and Neo-Concept

Endless Innovation @ Neo-Mic Fashion Co., Ltd

Offshore manufacturing @ Neo-Meridian Industries Garment (Cambodia) Ltd

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Expands woven automation capabilities, production capacity and deepens cooperation with customers in diversifying products. Develops online business opportunities.

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