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In 35 years working in the fashion industry, Neo-Concept Group has grown strong and resilient. There have been many challenges, such as the 1997 Asian Financial crisis, the 2008 Global financial crash, and the Covid-19 pandemic. With the commitment of our staff, we have overcome many difficulties and stayed true to our core values: Perseverance, Loyalty, Integrity and Courage.  We give our heartfelt thanks to our team and our loyal partners and customers, who have stood by us over the years, to support us, share expertise and innovate together. It is an honor to work with you and humbly we present our direction and goals for this 35th year of Neo-Concept. 

Sustainable fashion continues to be a priority for us, and we are passionate about leading the industry in this direction. We are gold sponsors of the Textile Exchange, supporting eco-friendly fashion for the planet and future generations. We are proud of our efforts to conserve energy, reduce waste water, carbon emissions and ensure material traceability. We have worked hard to meet industry benchmarks and have several certifications including, GRS, OCS, RWS, Oeko-tex and the HIGG Index.

Neo-Concept is an organization that cares about people. Our staff volunteer their time and energy to social projects in our workplace and beyond. Our social enterprise, SIU Rice, is a high-quality rice product from Cambodia, that utilizes sustainable farming techniques and protects the habit of the endangered Ibis bird. We will continue to build new projects to promote social and environmental causes in the years ahead.

We embrace digitalization through the integration of technologies like 5G mobile networks, big data, and new operating systems such as- ERP (Enterprise Resource planning) and SCADA (Big Data Acquisition). With smart manufacturing we offer direct customer to manufacturer (C2M) ecommerce allowing tailormade customization and more efficient services. Digitalization is a key area of focus for our future to offer our customers convenience, innovation and speed.

Building our portfolio of traceable textiles is a priority for us. Our fashion R&D Incubator allows us to develop patented qualities, that improve the quality of daily life, including mosquito repelling and anti-bacterial textiles and more. Our creative team will continue to design apparel that complements fashion trends and is functional in today’s modern lifestyle.

Our strategic partnerships with strong players allow us to leverage our unique strengths and enrich our resources. With both our long-term suppliers and new partners, such as Lanvin Group we will continue to enhance our capabilities and be more competitive in the market. Once again, it is with deepest gratitude that we thank you for your continued trust in Neo-Concept.  Let’s work together and with God’s grace, we will achieve a bigger, brighter future for our companies, our communities and our planet.

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